“Eye Knew”

Eye helped you,
Cuz eye knew
Where eye was going,
My sun shine
Like the republic of Florida,
Never acknowledging
The state, only republics, &
Only republicans/Dems are for
Taxing the public, eye am my fate,
While my eyes on my estate, trust me,
It’s plenty moor on my plate,
LeBron & Curry of this game
The way we’re playing,
Striving for greatness,
No need to debate this,
It’s strength in numbers
Amongst us, eye didn’t goto college,
Eye went straight to B.T.Y. university
For knowledge, that’s the school within,
No masters nor doctrines
Can master this doctor,
All my leaders are side by side,
Nobody left behind,
If you chose to follow,
If one moves,
We all move,
If I gave you a jewel,
You should have a bunch of jewels,
Eye helped you
Cuz eye knew what was in store,
But eye had to help me first
Before eye can establish yours.

Written By Kingbty EL


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