“One Dey”

It’s going take a minute,
But when it’s all said & done
Just know we won,
Rise and grind,
Thanks to the creator,
For creating a legend,
To leave a legacy,
Adding onto my family tree,
Eye know their going remember me,
For centuries,
Beware of the jealousy
And envy, eye was told
It’s not for everybody,
And know everybody,
Ain’t for you,
Tricks on you
If anything,
Eye realized
Chasing Benjamin
Never existed,
Just in this illusion
That they portray,
And played a part
To tear the family apart,
Eye rather be in dark
Due to the fact the lights in me,
Nobody wanted to listen,
Just know eye am handing out food
For thought and believe me, it’s
Many moor dishes,
Listen to your intuition,
Your soul is speaking,
That’s the pineal gland &
It’s risen… No Jesus… but listen
Why they feed us lies,
To poison our minds,
starting with the child,
turning us into parents, now we
Teaching false stories,
The truth is in your soul,
Mediate and you’ll see it,
Took a long time for me to read it,
Nowadays everything eye foresee it,
One dey you’ll listen to me.

Written By Kingbty EL

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  • Derek B Greene
    May 25, 2018

    Great stuff right there...


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