“Old Soul”

Sometimes I Feel too smart for my own good,
And I should, It’s called self confidence, You & I
Know I’m ahead of my time as well, I was on a blackstreet,
But something’s in me I felt I’ve found joy which I been had all along
But needed someone to bring it out of me &
that’s the people around me, because without you
I can’t make a difference , it’s not me that makes a difference,
It’s you as well as me.
The goal for my life is to touch people, if fame comes with it
Then so be it. Nothing will change me, I’ll be that same B.T.Y.
(people say that won’t change but they do, difference is I’m not them)
A.K.A. PHIL B that you know.. Wow i just got some money but that doesn’t mean nothing because today it can be here and tonight it could be gone, similar to your life.
I’m not right all the time, I just like to voice my opinion & be heard
For once, listen In your life what you’re told because i’m a young man with an
Old Soul.



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