The power that you once behold
Is nonexistent
The truth you thought you’ve told
Is nonexistent
Your word your bond your thoughts
Is nonexistent

You are nonexistent to eye
Similar to money after 1933,
Faced the truth after so many lied,
Nobody has the time
To deal with your actions,
I’m not attracting your attractions,
So I’ll stay away, far away
Mentally & spiritually,
This physical is just temporary,
Scary, hours, seconds, minutes,
Drake said it was God’s Plan,
This time, but after eye watched,
You time and time again, there’s
No room for nonexistent people
In my life, this time again,
Be careful of what you say &
How you say it, because there’s
No rewinding nor pausing
When everything was straight forward
On this record,
Headphones on
But your eardrums off,
Trying to listen to something
that became nonexistent.

The power that you once behold
Is nonexistent…
The truth you thought you’ve told
Is nonexistent…
Your word, your bond, your thoughts,
Is nonexistent.

Written By Kingbty EL


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