“Mainstream Media”

The mainstream media was created to distract humanity from knowing their true purpose, & my job as an alchemist, is to teach humanity their true purpose on Earth, as well as mastering my ability to know & manipulate energy. Right now, the elites want the indigenous to be consumed by weak emotions like anger, fear, & frustration, so we can fall into an animal state of consciousness.Instead of me allowing that to happen, I’m gonna help the indigenous reach Godhood! The Earth your living on, can be seen as a cell or a brain.We humans are the DNA strands on Gods cell known as the Earth.Or we can be depicted as the cells in a brain(the earth). The pyramids that were built across the Earth are energy grids that carbonated(melanated) people can tap into in order to heat up the planet so interdimensional gateways from higher realms can be opened on Earth! The pyramids are able to do this by accumulating ORGONE energy! The beast government sprays chemtrails over major cities as an attempt to stop the planet from heating up, because the planet is trying to get rid of the parasites! Carbonated(melanated) family, we should be building our own orgone pyramids! All you need is some wood, copper, amethyst, aquamarine, emerald, & ruby, so we can knock the beasts chemtrails out of the sky, which will cause the planet to heat up the way it’s supposed to! Leave that Christian bullsh#twith the colonizer! Christianity causes you to live your life off of HOPE & BELIEF. Where has that gotten us? I’m bringing the ancient spiritual, alchemical sciences back that we practiced before we were colonized & enslaved. Christianity caused us to forget who we are. They call it voodoo or heka, & it’s our true practice of connecting with the ancestors, entities in other realms, & to the planet, as well as the universal creator! Theres a YouTube Channel called “Remedy H.” Watch his videos explaining how to build these pyramids!


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