The buddhist monks prefer to meditate in sunlight, or near moving water. Because those are the 2 most powerful sources of energy that can be used to heal all life forms. When the monks meditate, you hear most of them chant the “Ohm.” That’s very ironic because the monks allow electromagnetic currents to flow through them, but the DEFINITION of an “Ohm” is a RESISTOR(Stopper) of electric flow! The Ohm symbol resembles the alchemy symbols of LIFE & DEATH. Which means those who experience life & death in this physical realm are BLOCKED OFF from the CURRENT of the cosmos. Which flows through Inner Earth & both North & South poles! That’s why “Ohm” means “resistor of current” & the same symbols in alchemy mean” LIFE & DEATH.” Because when we experience “LIFE & DEATH” on the earths surface, the Van Allen Belt is the “RESISTOR/OHM” stopping us from reaching the Cosmic Current! 


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