“Look At Me”

Look at me now,
Moor strength, 
Eye can see through
The darkest tints,
No rage!
Our lost ancestors
Done paved ways, 
In ways you can’t imagine,
It’s important for spiritual advancement,
To keep pace with material advancement,
For there’s no such thing as luck,
It’s universal alignment,
Death is the only thing
That we’re chancing, 
If you don’t eat right, live right,
Do right, & most of all,
Give praise to creator & the ancestors,
Eye have a soul, that when eye leave,
Eye am going to the next dimension,
Leaving behind a website,
For one day if you decide 2go back
And read to see how eye did it,
Eye gave you knowledge that
Shouldn’t have been given,
That should’ve been forbidden,
Noble Drew EL Shabazz Garvey King
In the flesh
Eye promise eye am going do this
Till my physical have nothing left,
Eye realized after all these years
Bowerman & Knight kept me in check,
Ignorance is bliss
Somehow eye am still rocking my nikes,
So watch me, you can copy all you want,
But void will be right in the front.

Written By Kingbty EL



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