“Moor Strength”

Moor strength too,
Look at me now,
Notice eye see you,
Before you do
This is part two,
Respect my square
Eye am on it,
Great rising
Grand night,
It’s nothing good about mourning,
Eye envision what you don’t,
And what good is a mortgage
If eye am already in morgue,
As soon as eye am born…
Dead on arrival,
Our child feet hits the paper,
Their signature is stamped,
We need your signatures
Before you leave this hospital,
We’re just a live stock being traded,
American means
No mercy for the chattel,
It’s a lien on us from birth,
Just don’t lean on me,
You gotta do your research,
A U.S. citizen isn’t free,
But what’s free is the forms
From the GSA company.

Written By Kingbty EL


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