“Keep Me Sane”

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Your the only one
Who keeps me sane,
The only one,
The only reason,
I maintain, the way I maintain,
Deeper then the fame,
Never wore out your welcome,
No hotel but in my heart
You have a extended stay,
So I say what I say,
Your the only one 
That keeps me sane,
Kept me on toes,
Your love is organic,
While there love was GMO,
Watered down,
Never pure,
Too artificial for me,
But your so official to me,
No stripes nor whistle,
Your my territory,
Invade if they want,
I’ll go Korea with the missiles,
If they ever try to touch ya,
I’m Ready for war like Russia
Simple and plain,
Just know you keep me sane.

Written By KINGBTY


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