“Freedom Is A State Of Mind”

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Freedom is a state of mind,
That’s why I mind mines,
Do your research
I tell y’all all the time,
Foreign businesses,
For tax purposes,
Never domestic,
That’s the U.S. Shit,
Excuse my language
But that’s as real as it gets,
With knowledge comes wisdom,
With not paying taxes,
It’s not funding into their system,
Freedom is a state of mind,
It’s not being a U.S. Citizen,
I couldn’t talk about what I didn’t know,
I had to research,
Then study,
Then listen…
Once was in the cage
I’m no longer,
The door is open
Opportunity is here
Your head, I’m flying over,
Stop being blind,
Remember I said that
Freedom is a state of mind!

Written By kingbty



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