“Flow, Not Force”

Eye got a lot on my heart
When eye say eye,                                           I don’t mean
I mean these eyes,                                     that leads me to all
Win, lose, or draw,
Eye done came far,
Eye am a star
In this galaxy,
Eye am passing through,
The lies that they’ve generated
Who would’ve knew,
Find the truth,
it’s out there
And so are you,
Eye gotta chuckle at that,                          so
Find the truth,
It’s out there
And so are you,
So look at you
Who are you?
Genesis 3-22,
John 10-34,
Eye am God
Before eye was born
On November 1st,
Eye was here
Navigating the seas
Way before you can surf,
720 degrees,
Not 33,
But soon will be 33
Living life to leave a legacy,
In the midst of my nationality,
Eye am connected with my ancestors
Spiritually,                                       therefore this path eye am on
They’ve guided me.

Written By Kingbty EL


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