“Not Our Reality”

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Commerce is my church,
Building with those who wanna build
A life that they never thought of,
Eye wanna be the one who can
Them a helping hand,
Nobody gives us a hand,
Not even a finger to pull on
Remember the devil is always busy,
Keep ya thoughts positive
Even when it’s dark,
These devils tread lightly
Took me years to get to this point,
Transitioning is key
And some get to that door,
Looking for it
Fumbling through keys,
The point is you
Starts their first,
Deprogramming yourself
Knowing that money isn’t wealth,
Your are…
Illusions &
Are drawn up
And applied to life,
But that’s not our reality
It’s truth in the facts,
That they don’t wanna keep intact,
But commerce is my church
Building with those who wanna build,
The universe allows people in our lives
For lessons bad or good to keep it real,
Experience is apart of life
And eye wanna give you my experiences,
So you can share it with many lives
Just study our website.

It’s not my website no moor
It’s never been…
It’s ours.

Written By Kingbty EL


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