”Ba Wbn Em Pet”

“Ba Wbn em pet”. Just remember if you have a soul it means light. The modern word soul is derived from the Latin word ‘Sol’ for sun. So if you have a sol(soul) you have it inner sun or inner light. The Egyptians called the soul the ‘Ba’, which all humans possess. But after your Ba goes  through its process of enlightenment while in physical form,  the Ba  must transform into a ‘Akh’ or spirit. How does your soul age? How does your inner light get brighter? The brighter light becomes the higher in degrees the temperature rises.  Enlightenment literally means inner-light-meant or just simplified  brighten your  mind with knowledge. By learing the spritual principles of your divine existence, and become one with them. So if you would like your inner light  to stay dull remain ignorant of your true existence. Your inner flame would cease to rise, and remain confined within flesh. Just remember your soul is a inner sun, and the sun is a star. You’re a fragment of a star. Have you wondered why they scared you by telling you your soul will burn?  It actually should burn, burn brightly, for it to become light and shine like the stars in heaven. 


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