“A Kid From Newark”

I’m just a kid from Newark
The streets
Made me weary,
Be careful who you
Let next to you,
I was
In & out different schools,
My mom said be a leader,
Not a follower,
So I made my own rules,
Still in Newark till this day,
My poetic message
Is to help the youth,
Write their feelings down
And somehow, someway,
Get out of Newark someday.
Drugs, fiends, guns, money,
Run the city, we drink effen,
We drink ciroc, but never
Seen Diddy or Fifty…
Just those grants though,
I’m working hard, so my son
Or daughter can get that
Scholarship grant though,
I’m working hard,
So I can move my fam
Out of Newark though,
That’s why I write,
That’s why I’m B.T.Y.
At the end of the tunnel
I knows there’s light,
But these batteries
Seems to be going dead,
Seem to be going bad
In this flashlight,
Trust and believe
I got another pack,
I’m never giving up,
I’m going make it,
Till I see the light,
I’m just a kid from Newark
That’s going make it out!

Written By KingBTY


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