“Can’t Lie 2u”(Eye Am Truth)

You can lie to them

But you can’t lie to you,

Eye am the truth…

Principles over everything 

Since you been cold,

Eye expect you to be 

Numb 2this,

Everything ain’t for everyone 

How many times eye gotta say it,

What you do,

You can’t expect the same

As if it was you,

That’s the difference 

Between you & them,

Difference between 

Me & them,

Eye put my all into them,

Therefore eye forgive me,

Then them,

Starts with me first,

Since November, 6:43


Equal that circle 7,

6 protons, neutrons, electrons,

It’s all Universal,

Science and math

Sacred geometry,

You can lie to them

But you can’t lie to you,

Especially when the truth

Starts with you.

Written By King B.T.Y. EL

  • Hank27
    December 15, 2018



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