“Dust To These Ashes”

Been awhile since eye wrote…

Dust to these ashes &

eye am not blowing smoke…

Peace to all the gods and goddesses 

Before eye go,

At least eye tried to get to him,

Planted the seeds 

A long time ago,

Now it’s water over the bridge 

Eye don’t talk on old newsfeed,

Eye am a prophet,

Eye am rocket,

Hakeem the dream Olajuwon 

Mixed with James Harden,

Eye am special 

when it come to this education 

That eye am learning,

Dust to these ashes

While your soul burning,

Universe aligning me 

for a greater purpose,

Nobody can see your dream 

But those aligned with you,

Eye am building &

When it comes full circle 

Eye don’t need you near,

Till you get you right within

Ya spirit talks to you 

Do you hear?

Your higher & lower self,

Now tell me what do you fear.

Written By King B.T.Y. EL


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