“I Lived”

Turning left
Made the right choice,
Children on the way
Making the right choices,
No matter what,
My third eye today instincts
Telling me good job,
Keep it up
No matter what, 2
My wife
I’m do what I gotta do
To keep us up,
Trying my all
But you told me, to
Try is to fail
So I’m going keep us up,
It’s nothing but love
Forget the lust,
They stole our dollar
So why is it,
In God we trust,
Gold, oil, and diamonds,
That’s America,
Keep it one thousand,
There’s more
Then stacks in that safe,
My only duty
Is to keep y’all safe,
I’ll do it everyday by grace,
Leave no trace
Of what I did
Or what I did
For you,
And for her or him
To live,
If I don’t make it
Just know I loved
And lived,

I love y’all…
Kingbty EL


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