How I’m reminded
Of your kiss
And your touch
I feel a rush
When I bodies touch
Can I spend the nite
With you
Can I make love 2you
Like the way
We used to do
Staring at the moon
Thinking of you
Wrapped up in my arms
Knowing when I’m around
Everything is calm
Short days
Long nights
We all want a love life
So I love life
Asked you to love it with me
Asked you to be there for me
Difficulty level
Is too advanced for you
Do I think of us
Of course I do
Do I think about a family
Of course I do
Do I think about building
Of course with you
Growing old with you
It’s hurting me
But it’s hurting you
Even worst
Knowing its up to you
To try this make work
And it could
Which you don’t realize
From me a reminder
You two could have the earth.

Written by KINGBTY


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