“When We”

✨When we pray/meditate we touch our child soul. To keep our child soul is so important, we rediscover every minute of this life, so short.✨


🙏 Nothing is more beautiful to laugh like a child, to have dreams, hope, goals. We develop our supernatural powers, we become the universe.✨


🙏When we pray/meditate, we abolish the time, because there is no time when we are in God.✨


🙏We realize as said Einstein ” our perception of the reality is an illusion of our consciousness” Einstein proved by Science/math what we know in Universe since time.✨


🙏 We can have a body super fit, with muscles, but when we are stress, we destroy our immune system, we spray mental poison inside us, around us, and moor we loose our child soul.✨


🙏 Every day with our new Meditation approach, we learn how to keep our child soul, specially in the daily stress situations. How can we keep calm, clarity when we have money problem, love issues, challenges in our job.✨




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