“Life Is Precious”

Lost everything,
How could I live
Knowing that,
How can I get you on track,
Doing what you want,
Won’t get you back on track,
Doing what I need too, for you,
Will get you on track fast,
Your heartbeat is irregular,
Your love for someone new
Is irregular…

Anxiety disorders
Wanting to lose yourself
To leave this earth,
I need you to change
As if your a dollar bill,
So let me give you these
4 quarters, the sun shines
Everyday, through every dark
Nite, tupac said there’s
A brighter day…

I need you to be strong
As I know you can be.
This is dedicated for people
Who has or who has had
These problems in there life
Wanting to take there life,
wanting to die
To escape it all…
I need you to Rise
Not to fall…

Remember life is precious

I love you all.

Written By B.T.Y. In 2016


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