“Heal King”

Aye Kings Being conscious of whom we give our phallus to is a lesson I had to learn! There’s power in standards and there’s power in self discipline! When you’re not persuaded by the magic of the yoni you now force her to entice your other senses and facets of your being! Control of your sexual desires until you find a woman worthy of your entire being, alchemy, sex magic and phallus allows you the freedom to make progress in other areas of your life.. like your connection with your divinity, knowing you are Ka (soul), astral traveling and lucid dreaming to meet divine beings that can help guide you on this Earthly realm, being in tune with your emotions, the divine masculine and feminine principles within you (Ma’at), to know your strengths and weaknesses (Heru and Set) to know your deepest fears and face them to no longer operate in fear (Inpu), to be able to channel the universal energy of life and vitality (Ra).. But by all means once you’re sure of her.. show all the way the f*ck out dammit! Just get in tune with yourself first! Heal King


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