“Eye Am Pure”

Been private 

Like eye was in the military,

This illusion is scary,

No such thing as a cemetery,

In reality you’re never buried,

Maybe physically,

But your soul transitions 


Eye can feel energy,

Only you can lie to you

Deep inside you know the truth,

The universe knows eye won’t lose,

Eye am in competition with self

Nobody else,

Since your selfish 

You can keep that all to your self,

Your consciousness is guilty

Your soul feeling guilty,

Everything eye gave was within me,

So Eye slowed down

Had to change lanes 

When the game change,

When it rain it pours

So eye noticed eye be reigning,

No scores to settle

It’s been settled,

From principles of course,

Eye been on course,

Since eye was young

And now that eye am older

It’s not about me and it never was,

My spirit pure,

My love is pure,

Eye am pure,

And much moor ,

The universe has blessed me &

Blessed everyone in my path

Before & After Me.

Written By King Bty EL

  • Derek B Greene
    December 18, 2018

    ONLY YOU CAN LIE TO YOU,so very very true...

    • KING B.T.Y. EL
      December 24, 2018

      Exactly! You can tell others what they want but the truth never changes!


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