“Ear Pierce Represents”

If you turn the human ear upside down,it is the shape of an embryo.The ear lobe represents the head, the feet are towards the top of the ear and the body is in between. The outer edge of the ear (the helix curve) corresponds to the back of the baby as it lies inverted in the womb.

I find it interesting that the place for everyone’s first ear piercing is right in the middle of the lobe. The head of the embryo (The Ear Lobe) was pierced as it represents “The 3rd Eye”.. In ancient times, when our ancestors were in tune with nature if an organ was low in energy, they would use gold earrings and pierce “The 3rd Eye” for stimulation and silver earrings would be used if the organ was overactive. Gemstones were added for therapeutic effects (i.e. ruby to regulate menstruation and enhance fertility) and the benefits were transmitted through the gold or silver.

  • Stew
    August 5, 2019

    The analogy is wild dope. Especially with the pics u got where the combination shows the heart symbol


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