“Celebrate My Next Realm”

When eye get to the next realm

Please celebrate…

Do a little candle light,

And make sure you say a piece

From my website,

Take the time out and read it all,

It’s a gift from my spirit

That eye left for y’all,

My energy is something that can’t be

Reciprocated at all,

When my solar return come around

Make sure you all gather around,

And if you can’t

Eye ain’t mad y’all,

Eye had to float away &

Eye will see u again one dey,

My job here is done,

Eye saw my fate,

Everything eye wrote was strategic

Remember the italics when you see it,

A message of its own,

Eye am one of one

Never a clone,

Eye am in a zone,

Knew that eye will make a way,

My mental and spirit

Is similar to Rome,

So you know it wasn’t built

In a dey…

Trust & Embrace You

Written By Kingbty EL


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