“Let me ask you, dear Hue-man BEing, within your own thinking process, right now, about yourself, how do you define the Soul? If I ask you, who is it? Would you say ‘It’s Me’? Does it FEEL like you? The answer is You have no idea. Not really. You’re not really AWARE of it. What about the Higher Self?  We want to give things names, from this side of the veil to you, so You’d be more comfortable with knowing about it, and yet when we do, it becomes then APART from you. You don’t want to think of yourself as a multiplicity, you want to be One. Well You Are, but You compartmentalize yourself into these pieces; the Higher Self, the Soul, corporeal Self, brain, Innate… How many of there are You?  One of the hardest things You are going to do, is to meld all of those into You.  We’ve told you for years that you’ve got to talk to this which is your body, both corporeally and now we talk about Innate. You can’t help it, you separate it. There is You, and then there’s It. And the worst case scenario, there’s You and Them. And You don’t put them together. So I’m going to turn to absolute basics to show You what to do. To give You yet again another metaphor, one You’ve heard many times but perhaps this time You’ll start appreciating it better. Here’s the premise:  You are One. There is no multiplicity; the Soul, the Innate, the Higher Self, the corporeal Self, the brain, the body… it is all melded into one Energy, called You. You’ve got to stop thinking of them as the parts, and start thinking of them as You. You talking to You. Affirmations are for You, talking to You.”  – Kryon


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