Wishing upon a star
No matter how dark
Life gets
Your my shining star
Where ever you go
I will never be far
Cuz I’m close in your heart
U might fall
But you always
Get up quick
And brush it off
Questions and thoughts
Cross my mind
All the time
We have to accept
What’s given
And what’s not given
Might be right
And what’s wrong
Shall hopefully be
This image that isn’t
Portrayed is a man
That’s living
Not full of sin
But who’s just like you
Begging for attention
But mentally
Stuck as if he was
In a prison
But his mission
Is to guide whomever
Is in his path
But how long
Can that last
My stomach hurts
As if I’m doing a fast
My hunger is for you
And so is my love
Is a drug
You need dose
I will prescribe
You some more
The pain we go through
Seems like it’s never ending
Did I mention
The struggle we go through
Is unrealistic
Together we will be free
Upon this star I’m wishing

Written By B.T.Y. In 2013


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