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As I think of you

I can and can’t

See myself with you,

You’re similar to a library

A top shelf book,

I’m trying to get to you,

Open you up, & read you,

Your mind, your heart,

From beginning to ending,

If I get that far but wherever

I get, I’ll use my bookmark,

To remember where I left off…

I don’t wanna put you down

Nor stop paying attention,

It’s not easy but it’s not hard,

Right now, I’m having fun with

Reading this book as if I’m a kid

@ a party in the backyard,

But Back to you

I can show you the light

In that dark room

I’m B.T.Y.

I’ll make you a believer,

Even the stylistics know

I’ll give you reasons,

For you to breath again

Like Toni Braxton,

A new phase,

The closer I get to you,

I’ll call you Roberta Flack

And you’ll call me

Donnie Hathaway,

This book is good thus far,

I can’t wait till the next page…


Written by B.T.Y. In 2005


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