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Right now my mind can’t think

But it’ll come to me,

Like a pigeon do bread

Mike G. I didn’t forget

What you said.

All I need is a hand

As if I’m a physic,

No predictions,

No crystal ball,

I’m just living in the present,

My future isn’t promise,

But I plan for it,

Just in case, I am here tomorrow

I’m just thinking,

In my mind

I could be right,

In your mind

I could be wrong,

But In your mind

You can be right,

And in your mind

I can be wrong,

Because we do our best

Thinking when we’re alone.

Neither one of us is right

Neither one of us is wrong

It’s called a opinion,

Now I’m thinking because

I’m in a zone and If you was

Paying attention

You don’t have to remember

What’s the name of what I’ve

Recited to you because your

Doing it right now without

Me having to tell you and in

Your mind

I know you’re like what does this

All mean

I’m telling you

It’s time for us,

By all means,

To start “THINKING”


Written by B.T.Y. In 2005

  • Kenuel
    March 22, 2016

    That's was different - I like the message, it is time for us to start thinking!!

    • Philip Beauzile
      April 4, 2016

      Thank you, it's crucial for us to think at all times


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