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Can you listen to me!

Hear what I have to say

For a change.

You always try to

Make me look like the bad one

Is it you can’t admit

When your wrong,

I can, but keep in mind,

I will argue my point,

And it’ll be strong,

But after the fact,

It’s over and done with.

Why is their a need to

Keep bringing up the past,

Why if something is pointed on you,

You have to point it @ me too,

I just don’t understand,

Can you help me too please,

Yeah right,

Because you keep going on &

Off at the mouth,

It’s always the same thing,

Nothing new,

I’m just sick of arguing

With you.


Written by B.T.Y. In 2005


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  • Kenuel
    March 22, 2016



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