“True Master”

ONE WAY TO KNOW A TRUE “MASTER” is the fact they do not fall for any of the facades you put on to fool or impress people. A “Master” does not fall for your beauty, intelligence, wit, talent, words, personality, or your status, friends, achievements, accomplishments or what you have acquired. . A “Master” is never impressed. He does not care about how important you are or that you think you are. He knows who you”really” are. He sees through everything, directly into the depths of your true SELF. Confucius said “True love means knowing a person’s faults completely, and still loving that person completely”. A”Master” knows you totally. He knows all your faults. . A “Master” s never impressed with the show you put on, but still always “loves” you, without condition, and without exception. When you find a “Master” and know he is “yours”, embrace that love, let that love in, and your life will be blessed in more ways than you can Imagine. -KevinTrudeau


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