“Not For Radio” (B.T.Y. MIX)


Moor eye know

The moor eye spread,

It’s cold ain’t it,

Everything eye visualize 

Eye foreseen it,

Dreamed it,

Then made it reality,


7/2 now you have it,

Build it up

And watch them come,

They like what eye am doing,

Different lanes, 

Different waves,

This art can’t be faded,

Our ways been paved,

Respect and seek the ancestors 

They’ll show you the way,

Eye seek overstanding 

Eye seek principles 

Eye seek what you’re scared to do,

No longer worried about the past,

But my energy is precious 

And that will forever last,

Eye think they scared of us,

Eye know they scared of us

Moorish Americans,

Eye am Better Then You


Eye don’t care about your 

Opinions or your system

For a mental slave prison,

Eye am steering towards liberty,

They almost reeled me, 

In, but somehow eye found out,

The truth…

Eye know they scared of us.

Written By Kingbty EL


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