“T.I.M.E Pt.1”

This is for you,
When the time is right,
God works in mysterious ways,
Heaven only knows,
That it is possible
He could’ve put you in my life
& vice versa, for a reason…
It’s more to it, then these dreams,
And trust me it’s not rush,
Love or lust is what we once had
In the past but the past is the past,
But the past was before and you
Can’t go back in time, but if we could we would & believe me we would.
The present is called L.O.E
Living off experience (lox) &
Now we know what to expect,
That’s why you have to expect
The unexpected and accept it.
Some people aren’t ready for a
Relationship and some are, me
Personally, I want to put this year
Behind me and take my time with
All things like I know how.
Distress? Really, maybe one day
I can ease some of that pain
& feeling, if your still feeling that way,
Never can we duplicate
What we both had, the future is
Time (T.I.M.E)
Things I Must Earn
Don’t take this right or wrong…
It’s words of encouragement
That I feel you should read
& it’s “Time” is never late
That’s all we have is time
Until the end of time.

Written by B.T.Y. 11/15/2006


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