“School Girl”

You a school girl
Keep ya mind
On them school books
You a school girl
Stay your age
Don’t try be older
With ur new looks
You a school girl
Uploading on these social sites
You a school girl
Men flirting and
They hitting like
You a school girl
Stay in school girl
Get them grades
U don’t need to be stripper
To get paid
Get ur doctrines
Cuz u a school girl
And that’s what God made
Don’t worry about
What’s in them streets
Better hit them books
Get them A’s & B’s
Don’t drop out
Or down on ya knees
Keep a 4.0
Make sure u make
That list that say dean
You a school girl
Worry about yourself
Not them other girls
Few will get it
And few is u
Cuz u a
School girl.

Written By B.T.Y.


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