“Queen Solar Return”

30 years of life 

In this physical world

Eye am sure we’ve been here…


Or many moor times,

Righting our wrongs 

Only if it wasn’t right,

In our past life.

Tuning into frequencies…

What’s your hertz?

Something that you can’t rent

Of course,

Staying on it,

Eye Thankh you so much…

That’s why eye wear this pendant

Here’s a toast …

To you 

On your 30th…

Nu beginnings, Nu Chapters,

Nu endings, Nu passions,

Your soul purpose

Only you know,

We’ve planted him,

Watering him &

Watching him grow,

God’s beautiful seed…

Godiance, Godfidence, 

That’s what you have,

Eye apologize for any hurt

Or not seeing what you saw

Before eye saw it,

You know my intentions,

Solutions & problems

That’s just the balance.

Balance we need

In order to see, 

To experience 

Is to succeed,

Success is to breathe,

Inhale and exhale

The joyous moments

Of every year captured,

Your journey is you,

Only the path you walk

You’ll master.

Master Your Universe Queen

Eye Love You✨✨✨

Happy Solar Return



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