“No Moor Pain”

You have to let go of the pain. Don’t keep that inergy inside. It disrupts the Chakras. It disrupts the CHi. 

Anger, resentment, pain, guilt, fear, are all stored in your SACRAL Chakra. When those inergies accumulate over time, it impacts the rotation of the Chakras. The frequencies will then decrease as the Chakra slows. Which in turn prevents the “Ka” inergy from freely flowing to the next Chakra. Therefore, the Chakras will then function on low vibrating frequencies.

Let it go! Bring all that baggage to da surface and RA’lease it. If not, you will be there transmitting that inergy from one RA’lationship to another. Not RA’stricted to an intimate RA’lationship, but all. Work, Social, Personal, and so on.

As you begin and continue to RA’lease those negative cords out of you, the pain will eventually subside. You will then be free of it’s toxicity.


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