“Moving Cloud”

Moving like the clouds in the sky,

The only time eye look down,

Is to help my folks from

Off the ground,

Corporation protectors 

Want our hands up

Like we on the mound,

So eye pitch these poems

At 100 miles per hour,

No oath taken

And for the ones who do,

Don’t know thyself,

And when you do,

It’s no erasing those steps,

Positive or negative 

Just learn how to embrace it,

Learn how to heal yourself

For future reference,

This matrix is  for everyone else…

It’s about you

And what you do for self,

Because you can’t do for anyone

If you can’t do for yourself,

Eye been chosen 

By my ancestors in the spiritual realm,

Eye know a lot from spiritual guidance

So eye learned how 2 fly,

When eye leave this physical shell.

Written By King B.T.Y. EL


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