“Matt Kahn”

You cannot learn from what you aren’t willing to look at. When facing things directly, offering the uniqueness of your experience the gift of your time and attention, only the truth shall be revealed. While only you may know what is true for you, if your perceptions and viewpoints result in any form of blame, judgment, or ridicule, then the truth of it all has yet to be found. 

When rooted in the clearest seeing, outside circumstances, characters, or outcomes are not the reason for how you feel. Instead, you may come to realize that any uncomfortable sensation is reminding you when the way you are seeing things is not rooted in the view of your highest truth. This means that no person, place, or thing causes you to feel any particular way, when however you feel is merely feedback indicating a moment when you are seeing things in perhaps the most self-defeating way.  Even when you cannot conceive of a higher view, simply take the time to ask the Universe, “Please show me the highest truth that I AM now.” Just by taking the time to work in harmony with Will of Divinity, you are dissolving associations with lower vibrational patterns and timelines, giving permission through the freedom of your will to allow the Universe to move you into higher realities of ever-evolving expansion.

  Instead of assuming you know the truth, or seeking it with aggression, simply ask the Universe to reveal the highest truth of any given moment. Perhaps you will see, through the eyes of the Universe, that everything you feel are the layers of unresolved debris being cleared out of the collective by the power of your energy field. The more you are aware that what you feel is a healing taking place, through you for the benefit of all, the less you sense the old that your energy field clears and the more you commune with the light that you are bringing forth. As this occurs, you will discover the ecstasy of experience that has no dependency on outcome and isn’t reliant on how others seem to be. This is the grace of your highest destiny. It is the emergence of heart-centred consciousness. – Matt Kahn


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