“Look Inside”

When you talk about Soul you get Sol . It’s the same word ..Sol – ar – plex  / Solar Plex  = Soul . What happens when you breath in Oxygen ? You release carbon dioxide .. that’s let’s you know when you breath inside there is a fire. Solar plex =Soul .   I = 9 ether is the original force that grew everything into existence. The hair follicles of the Nubian is a 9 … it comes out of the scalp as a 9 . Why is that important?

How long are you inside of the womb ? 9 months ..  We don’t identify with that because they will tell you that is the Holy Spirit . They tricked us . Genesis 2:7  And God formed man from the dust of the ground and breathed into his nostril a breath of life and man became a living Being or Soul . What’s the divine essence we should identify with ? Soul .. We need to focus on the word become . We have become a living Soul . This goes back to 9 ether. Ether is a gas . 9 ether are all of the existence gases in the Universe.

For example: In the morning you will notice mist and when it hits the ground it becomes dew .. what just took place was it went from gas and when it hits the ground it becomes liquid. So before it touches something physical it was gas . You catching this? So what’s important is the gases gets inside of you . If you take  liquid and put it inside of a freezer it will become solid. The liquid formed will be water . What’s the chemical composition for all of that ? All of it is still H2O . What does that tells us that we are compiled of Atoms ( Adam ) .   What’s the different between the Hydrogen and Oxygen atoms that you consider to be water and the Hydrogen Oxygen atom that developed in the Atoms .. right?

Because those are the two most prevalent elements on this planet is Hydrogen and Oxygen.. now if those are the two most prevalent then what’s up there you consider a sky ? That mist on a airplane is as it fly through the sky is still water . We live in a aquarium . We live in a biosphere which is 75% water and 25 % land . So should we call it water instead of Earth? Guess what is your chemical composition is ?75% water and 25% flesh . The trick is you identify with 25% flesh.   It tells you that God formed you out of the dust of the ground in Genesis 2:7 . So if we go to Genesis 1:26 .. it says God said let us make man in our image and after our likeness.

So this particular man in 1:26 had to be created on a different realm then the man from the dust on the ground .   In school they taught us solid , liquid, and gas . They shoulda taught gas , liquid and solid. If they woulda taught us the truth we coulda identify with ” Etherical ” . They made us physical beings in our minds . That’s why we always thinking on the physical realm .. they taught us to look outside of ourselves instead of looking on the INSIDE. ~Unknown

  • Derek B Greene
    October 17, 2018

    Deep stuff right there, definetly makes you think...

    • King B.T.Y.
      October 26, 2018

      Yes brother & thank u deeply for reading


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