“Law Of 1”

You did not come here to dispel worry and to be comforted; rather, you came into the arena of third density to strive in darkness. Your greatest sight is the blind but loving heart, for one sees with the heart the light which is not visible to the mind; for within the heart rests the spirit of love. This spirit is a side of wisdom which has no words in your density, and it expresses its wisdom in the more and more purified emotions. When the seeker comes first to the conscious study of the processes of spiritual choice-making, at first the heart is less than optimally pure in its expression. The seeker begins, day-by-day and meditation-by-meditation, to empty out of the heart the less pure of that heart’s contents, as though the heart were a pocket in which many things had been placed, some of which were not desirable. After a time meditating and seeking, the heart begins to be released from having to hold so much of that which is less than pure; and then the heart may begin to shed its wisdom upon the conscious mind. This purifying process is not short, and we do not wish to suggest that you must become consciously pure in heart. We simply encourage each to do the work of opening in meditation regularly and allowing the heart to empty itself of the petty trivia so that its strain may be deeper and ever more pure. The path to the deep mind goes through what we call the heart. This is why we focus upon this word, “heart.” We wish, centrally, to disengage the mind from the intellectualizing capacity of your brain, for although one may speak intellectually of spiritual truths, the truths are only true in and as a whole when they are felt rather than intellectually understood. -Q’uo, The Law Of One

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