“Kai-EL 1st Solar Return”

One year ago


You entered this realm…

My sun Kai-EL,

Before Superman existed

You was here,

Our ancestors led you back

So you can do it all over again 

Without any fear,

Honor thy mother,

Honor thy father,

The circle 7 is key but the

Key to all the doors

Is within you and you shall see,

Your great, great grandma 

Ruby is full Cherokee,

And Cherokee is the original

EL tribe in your moorish history,

Your a GOD, 




Your destined for greater freedom

And your mom and eye will make sure

Of it, but you have to make sure of it 

As well, so many spirits, in your path

Won’t wish you well, and that’s all well, but remember your infinite, and the universe will take care of all who isn’t well, and the ones who are well, are taken care by the universe… 

Ka means soul…

EL is your moorish tribe…

Your soul is connected to your ancestors and to everything else in the universe…

Happy solar return my sun 

Kai-EL Ameen


We love you sun ✨🇲🇦


  • Charnissa D Banks
    December 2, 2018

    That is so Beautiful Nephew. Blessings and Happy Born Day Kai-El, may God continue to grant you Peace Love and Blessings of Protection and Happiness.
    Love Auntie Nis and Family


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