“If Eye Leave”

If eye leave 

Just know eye will be there,

Eye will be around,


Not physically,

When you mention me,

Don’t share a tear,

Just make sure my

Sun eats, &

My sun see,

That private side,

And he overstands the public


Is so raw and rugged,

Business frame of mind 

And eye love it,

Family is the only ones above it,

Trust it,

Eye Make the most of what

They put in front of me,

Made sure eye dotted all my i’s

And crossed all of my t’s,

It’s simple when you put it together,

Conscious awareness is higher then ever,

Eye never, would have ever, thought

Eye get distraught when everything 

Was literally in front of me at hands reach,

But that’s life 

Better now then never,

Eye am grateful 

For everything that eye wasn’t taught,

Self made,

Self educated,

This life cannot be brought.

Written by Kingbty EL


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