“I Am My Ancestors”

I AM MY ANCESTORS~❤️💚🖤✊ When I was birthed on this Earth I looked around at my worth My last breath became my first in a culture that’s submerged Where my history stayed dispersed, my destiny can’t be coerced Im the Elder that’s well versed with a knowledge that’s rehearsed.  I hold a cycle of myself that’s reborn in this time that has purpose in this world that’s designed for us to climb. If I die I multiplied, and my life would be their guide What I fail i’ll get applied, through new temples i would provide. Cause the children will be me, and when I leave you’ll really see That I didn’t really leave, I’m part of them so they’ll get free. I’m an ancestor returned that Sankofa’s so I learned That rejection of our history leaves our ancestors concerned I am memory that lives through a child’s glowing spirit I am moments in that time that will bring enlightened visits.  That’s intense and does feel vivid, helping them against the wicked For my frequency has the decency to help them stay committed So call me through libation, I’m known by many names I am water in your body that will free you from these chains. I am you and you are me, yes the ancestors agree Whether life or in death I live on through the family tree. I am born, and I am held by myself with wise wisdom.  As I hold myself, The future in my eyes have really risen I tell myself I have a mission, share the vision through the wreckage Remind the baby and the village just to listen to this message…  I AM MY ANCESTORS!  YOU ARE OUR ANCESTORS!  WE ARE OUR ANCESTORS!  Written By A.Awoyemi 7th October 2018 (c)

  • Derek B Greene
    October 29, 2018

    All true right there KING,WE ARE MOST DEFINITELY OUR ANCESTORS,shouldn't EVER forget that....

    • King B.T.Y.
      October 30, 2018

      Without them, who are we really? They’ve paved the way #Salute


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