“Growth Is Important”

Food for thought,
Growth is important…
If your in the same spot
Then eye have no room
To overstand you,
Let alone spiritually,
You’ll never know
What your destined to be,
If the program is still on the
Same channel, antennas is down,
Eye see you as box television,
Cuz banging on you, ain’t going work,
Eye am not going to get you to
See the picture,
At least eye want you too,
At least once,
Not for me
But for you,
You have a generation that’s behind you,
Sometimes eye forget,
The paths are different,
So is the journey and missions,
But eye absorb and listen,
Eye am clear from any build up tension,
My energy is so powerful,
Eye can light up a kitchen,
And this is just
Food for thought
Growth is important
As eye am seeing.

Written By Kingbty EL


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