Eye am GOD first,
Through nature
Eye rise above it all,
After the summer
Eye will not fall,
Everything is written in it,
Eye can’t teach you nothing
If your not within, it,
Meaning yourself,
You are wealth,
You don’t have to earn it,
Eye had to unlearn it,
To relearn it,
Peace to the Gods
Before and after me,
Eye will be here for infinity,
Ashes to ashes
No dust,
Eye will send signs
Just make sure that you look up,
The hairs on ya skin will stand up,
No need for a ovation,
Just connect with the ancestors
Through mediation,
Been had the bag
So you can keep hyperventilating,
I self law am master,
Peace to all the Gods
That has been waiting,
For Kingbty,
Eyes red from tuning
Out of this matrix.

Written By Kingbty EL


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