“Cold World”

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Feeling all alone
In this cold world
What can I do
To feel your warm
Touch and kiss
You’re my sunshine
Through the dark
Stormy skies
I’m trying to change
As if I’m a dollar bill
4 quarters
4 months
Divided by 12
4 ever I will
Love u
Through your brown
Eyes I can see your soul
Cheeks getting red
Waiting for me
To come home
Tears fall out
Our eyes
Love will not tear
Us apart
What may seem
Light is right near
I’m open to learning
What I don’t know
Mold me into
What you me to know
Prepare me
As if I’m a dish
Close your eyes
Feel this kiss
Take us into
Another world
Where we
Don’t feel all alone
In this cold world

Written By B.T.Y. In 2011


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