“Codes Of Consciousness”(4/5)

Everyone at one time or another, must deal with buried emotions that are tied to unexamined beliefs, which block the flow of energy in the body. A person who can feel and know soul-wrenching pain also has the capability to transcend difficulty and experience pure states of joy and ecstasy.

Acknowledging your feelings can lead to deeper self-realization, because your feelings are the key to figuring out your beliefs. Remember, feelings take you back to the beliefs, so find the feeling and really feel it. Once you have identified the belief behind the feeling, acknowledge the role of the belief, then release it and replace it with a more empowered outlook.

Primarily pain is a strong signal from deep inside the body’s intelligence centers, indicating that your emotional health is out of balance. Stored and stuffed emotions take a great toll on the body, and eventually old built-up energy will be released in the form of painful physical manifestations. When you carry pain and do not release and let go of the past, your body will faithfully show you the results of your repressed feelings.

Emotions & Beliefs 


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