“Cells Of Earth”

If the Gods that created humanity really care about the Earth, the way you think they do, why do they continue to let this tyrannical government destroy the ecosystem of this Earth? Why do they continue to let this chaos transpire without intervening? The answer is simple. This Earth was given to Atlanteans before we fell into this 3rd density. We are the primordial creations of the Earth(Gaia), when the Earth was part of the Sirius star system. We are the true Titans, the fallen angels, the Gods that fell from 5th to 3rd density. We are “children” of the Gods, which means we’re supposed to grow & evolve mentally & spiritually, until us “children” reach spiritual ADULTHOOD, which is GODHOOD! The Annunaki & Elohim will NOT come to Earth to save humanity! Because they already gave us the power to destroy the parasites system OURSELVES! Little pixie fairies and imaginary men with swords DONT come down from the sky to liberate us! That’s never happened in history & it wont ever happen. Every time a tyrannical government reigned over the Earth, they were overthrown by PEOPLE who decided to do so. We are the cells of the Earth, the defense system of the Earth, so let’s carry ourselves as such! 


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