“Blow A Kiss/Staring” (FrèákyFriday)

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Blow a kiss at them,
Then blow a kiss at me,
Then come over here
And put those lips on me,
I know all five of you are freaky
Just like this poem on Friday,
& I’m going have it my way
But usher ain’t playing,
And neither am I,
I’m going catch you all
Just like them Pokémon’s,
I’m going be poking y’all, from
The front, from the back,
& From side to side,
kill em wit the strokes,
Heads high…

Written By Kingbty EL

And their they were…
Staring at me,
While I’m filming,
All this melanin in the bed,
Makes me wanna
put this camera down,
Take my tool out
And start drilling…
Two for one,
What a price cut on the menu,
I’m ready to eat,
Better yet feast,
I have the recipe for dessert,
Whip cream, strawberries,
Chocolate syrup, if that works,
And they continue to stare at me,
While this camera continues to roll.

Written By KingBty EL



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