This may be the best method of ridding your psyche of negative traumatic experiences. This is the most powerful plant on Earths surface. Its known as Ayahuasca. Similar to the pure stands of Marijuana, Ayahuasca was brought to this Earth to cleanse human bodies of spiritual parasites! This plants energy is so potent, that you must have all physical parasites removed from your body & your blood must be in an alkaline state before you consume Ayahuasca.

Theres been many situations where people consumed Ayahuasca when their blood wasn’t in an alkaline state, & the plants energy was so potent, that it actually killed the consumer. The Atlanteans & Washitaw Natives used this plant to not only rid the body of demonic spirits, but to also communicate with interdimensional deities & to be given the full experience of what 5th density feels like! It’s called (Aya)huasca, & the Atlanteans named it after their chant to the Most Highs which is “Aya, Ahaya” because they used this plant to communicate directly with the most highs! 


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