“A Will, A Way”

Don’t stop .. get it .. get it !! 🙌🏽 If you’re complaining about something, how in the world are you manifesting something? Or are you manifesting with your complaints the opposite result of your own desiring? Living mindfully in alignment with thee is executing your practice masterfully with intention, purpose and discipline. Only speak what you desire. Listen to your inner thoughts and make sure they match your desires. How do you feel and does it match your desires and thoughts? What intention are you setting with your actions in your own world and do your actions align/match your feelings, thoughts, and desires? How insync are you with KNOWING yourself & holding yourself Accountable for your own role in life that you are responsible for playing? What does it mean to be in full alignment with yourself? Maybe you are in need of some dope ass spiritual counsel and guidance … Read between every Align.. If there is something you desire to inspire, never Give up nor expire your PASSION FUEL desire to BELIEVE, RECEIVE & ACHIEVE for YOURSELF everything you say you WILL.. Be clear with your desires and fkn Believe in YOUR own abilities to get it, get it!! I love runes … one of my many tattoos XX is a wonderful artistic reminder for me to get on positive with some rune alchemy .. “Where there is a will, there is a way!” 



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